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Bedec Barn Paint Anthracite

by Bedec

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BEDEC Barn Paint is is an acrylic water based paint ideal for painting exterior wooden, metal, and plastic cladded buildings. It can even be applied to previously painted surfaces – even those coated with weathered bitumen, tar varnish or creosote.
Suitable for many applications including fencing, posts, guttering and weathered galvanising without the need for a primer. 

  • It is tough, durable  finish -  It will flex with the substrate rather than flake or crack.
  • Excellent colour retention 
  • Use on wood, galvanised steel, plastic, concrete, brick and cladding.
  • Prevents rot and algal build up

Coverage: Approximately 13-15 sq meters/litre per coat when applied by brush or roller depending on the texture and porosity of the substrate.

Application: Brush, Roller or Spray*

*Can be sprayed, but this will considerably reduce the coverage rate

Touch Dry: 2-4 Hour dependant on conditions. Fully hardened after one month 

Recoat: Usually after 4 Hours at average temperature of 18°C  

Cleanup: Water