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Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner

by Liberon

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Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner removes dirt and grease from Terracotta and Stone floors. Can be used on both Sealed and Unsealed stone.
Coverage: 15 - 20 sqm per Litre 
Application: Cloth, Mop or Sponge
Drying Time: 1 Hour 
Clean Up: Water 



  • Can be used as often as required. To re-shine floors already sealed with Libéron Stone Floor Sealer, apply Libéron Stone Floor Shine.
  • If treating new stone, once your stone or terracotta floor has been cleaned, it will need protecting from water and staining with Libéron Stone Floor Sealer. Finish with either Libéron Stone Floor Wax or, for a more durable surface, with Stone Floor Shine. Wear protective gloves.
  • Not suitable for cleaning waxed, vinyl or plastic floors.