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Teknos Futura Aqua 40

by Teknos

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 Futura Aqua 40 is a Water-borne urethane alkyd based, Semi - Gloss top coat (similar to a Satin finish) for detached and fixed furniture indoors and outdoors. 

For indoor use,  FUTURA AQUA 40 is suitable for primed and previously with alkyd paint painted wood, metal and building board surfaces: doors, window casements, cabinets, mouldings, panels, panel ceilings, air ducts, staircase railings, radiators and piping systems. It is also suitable for plaster and filler surfaces primed with FUTURA AQUA PRIMER, for example window sills and casings, and wall surfaces in special objects, e.g. staircases. 

Outdoors FUTURA AQUA 40 is suitable for painting primed window casements, doors, garden furniture etc. 

We recommend using the Futura Aqua Primer in conjunction with this product. 


Application: Brush,  Roller or Spray

Coverage: upto 8- 10 sq metres per Litre. 

Touch Dry: 1 Hour, fully cured in 2-3 days 

Cleanup: Water